The creation of art is a unique gift we offer to the world. Every book written, every design created, every song written and sung, is a universe unto itself! Every form and expression of art tells a story of the lives of those who created it.
At my core, I am a deeply spiritual person. While I consider my outer self to be quite average, my inner life is rich with vibrant thoughts, ideas, and visions that demand a way to find expression.
Art found me at an early age. Paper and pencils were my best friends. My 'studio' was private corner in the living room where my imagination flourished, and the evidence of it landed on a piece of paper.
Most of early work was graphite pencil portraits. Then, I advanced to chalk pastels, still focused on drawing faces. I was excited when I discovered colored pencils, and learned they had become a fine art form.
I've also loved taking photos and editing them. When the digital age was in full swing, I discovered how fun and gratifying it is to combine my hand-drawn art with my photographs through computer editing software, which is how most of the digital art you see here, was created.
By day, I'm a health & life insurance broker in OR & WA, self-employed and have been actively earning a living in the insurance industry. I'm well diversified as I also love to read books, sell used books, and create YouTube videos for my loving cat, Hunter.  
My heart finds fulfillment in the act of creating! Art ~ colorful, vibrant art ~ is connected to my heart and that's why I'm here. I truly enjoy sharing it with those who resonate with the art designs I'm sharing through my product line.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being here and showing interest in my work! You are greatly appreciated.
Learn more about the creation of my art here. ♥