About My Products

How Are They Created?

Print On Demand

Before you purchase a product, you might be curious about how and where my products are made, and how they are delivered to you. 

At the present time, I'm working with two vendors, in addition to myself, to produce the products that you see. Both print and manufacture a majority of the items within the USA. There are a few items where the product itself is manufactured elsewhere, but printed within the USA.

Since distribution centers could vary between the different products you order, you might receive multiple packages from various locations. The packaging is not fancy, but it does the job to deliver it to your door. Also, most likely your packages will not all arrive on the same day. You will receive tracking information so you can watch its progress.

Once you place your order, it goes into production and is printed on demand. Please be aware that production times vary with different products, and vary at different times of the year. Once it's manufactured, then it's shipped directly to you. What this means is that I personally haven't had the opportunity to review your product before you see it at your door. That's why it's very, very important to me that I receive feedback about your personal experience of ordering through my shop. I welcome your comments!