About My Art


What kind of art is this?

What type of art do I create? My art is a vibrant and unique collage that incorporates hand-drawn pieces, photos, computer software blends, and editing. To enhance my creations, I also have begun using images generated through AI art. However, as an artist, I feel it's essential to add my personal touch to each piece.

I typically begin with hand-drawn pieces that are created using colored pencils, graphite, charcoal, or chalk pastels. These pieces are then embedded with original photos that I have taken, and I use photo editing software to add digital layers.

I gather images from various sources. In addition to my own art, I might include components of images from the public domain, purchased digital papers, and commercial-free clip art. I am thankful for the generosity of those who share their clip art, which I use to transform into works of art that are uniquely mine.

For information on various clip art elements embedded within Lisa's finished artwork, please visit my copyright notice to learn more.

For contributors, please see my special thanks here.