About My Art


What kind of art is this?

My art is composed of multiple layers of hand-drawn art, photos, computer software blends, and editing. A collage of vibrant color and embedded designs create unique and interesting art.

My hand-drawn pieces were initially done in the medium of colored pencil, graphite, charcoal, or chalk pastels. There are many original photos I've taken embedded within the art pieces, and the digital layers are created with photo editing software.

I gather image from several sources in addition to my own art and photography; including, but not limited to public domain, purchased digital papers, and commercial free clip art. I'm ever so grateful these beautiful pieces of art are shared by others, to transform them into works of art I can call my own.

For information on various clip art elements embedded within Lisa's finished artwork, please visit my copyright notice to learn more.

For contributors, please see my special thanks here.