The Stories Behind My Art

Behind every art image is a story to be told.  In my experience, when I've viewed or shopped for art pieces, it's richness and depth are felt more deeply when I've learned the history behind it's creation.  So, I'm offering up their "stories" here.  I hope you find them interesting! 
Shop for "Life Is a Cup of Cherries" 

I named this piece after a popular song published in 1931, called “Life is Just a Bowl of Cherries.”  It means life is short, so live and laugh out loud! The happiest part of each morning is brewing my coffee and smelling it fabulous aroma.  It’s a cherry of a moment! In keeping with my theme of fusion, I placed my hand-drawn, luscious red cherry floating on top of a steaming hot cup of java.  The rich deep reds, creams, and black colors are embedded in the surrounding fractals, representing the continuous habit of indulging in coffee, each and every day, over and over again. The presence of red, velvety roses signifies my lasting love for the dark creamy brew. Oh, so yummy.
Shop for "The Magical Forest"  
The forest’s surrounding Mount Hood in Oregon, are magical.  One day, I was walking through the woods.  The trees seemed to want to tell a story, as they always do.  They beckoned me to take many photos that particular day.  Later, when I was scrolling through my camera’s photo roll, this beautiful majestic tree commanded my attention! 
As if it was meant to be, my mind’s eye began to imagine all these beautiful creatures coming out to commune together in the presence of this ancient wise old evergreen.  Bees, ladybugs, frogs, dragonflies, and a rabbit assembled together – along with their angelic protector – in what I call, The Magical Forest.  Hopefully, the child within you will feel the enchantment of the little creatures that live in our world, and with this piece, bring the wonder of it into your home.
Shop for "Moonlight in Abstraction"
Moonlight in Abstraction began taking shape as I was sitting out on the patio one evening.  The moon was high, full, and oh so bright. It struck me with such beauty that I headed back into the house to grab my camera.  A simple photo is a great place to begin a piece of art.  This piece contains some of my favorite colors, and the light shining through reminds us that even in the darkest night, the magnificent light exists.
 Shop for "Different Perspectives"
There's something fascinating about fractals.  A single perspective can turn into multiple views in diminishing sizes.  I enjoy taking my simple hand-drawn sketches and creating something entirely different with digital editing.  In this image, you can almost imagine that through each set of eyes, she's experiencing a different perspective to the same story.
Shop for "Piano Keys Sway"
The black and white shiny, slick piano keys peeking through the center of this piece is a photograph of my spinet piano, given to me at age nine as a gift from my beloved grandfather. Its realism is embedded within its fractal alter ego ~ an abstract version of itself in the outer rim. The vibrant color is created from another piece of art I created, and it serves so nicely as a frame. You can almost imagine the sound wafting out from the keys and dancing in the air; swaying to the music.
Shop for "Red and Delicious"
Although this may not be a portrayal of "apples of gold, in settings of silver", my colored pencil hand drawn apple definitely feels right at home, nestled among the leaves of a photographed apple tree.  One of my favorite gardens I'm sure to visit each summer has a few apple trees, where the photo background of this art piece was taken.  The apple was originally created for another project I'm working on.  It's just so incredibly fun to go "shopping" among all my stored photos to pick and choose components that will be my next created image. Sketches, drawings and photos can be used over and over again, and given a fresh new look and purpose!
     Shop for "The Rainbow Rose"
Sweet dreams include facets of beauty and abstract form, which invoke a sense of wonder and the illusion of pleasure.  It can't be touched or explained, but is deeply felt.  Pink roses, light bubbles, and a sense of floating, create an atmosphere of a dreamy state of being.  I'm hoping the word 'love' comes into your mind as you look at this piece named "The Rainbow Rose".
Shop for "Flower Bouquet"
It's no surprise that flowers have a way of stopping you in your tracks. They beckon you to take a moment and gaze upon their beauty.  That's what happened to me one day when I visited an office building. The entire atmosphere struck me as rather boring and uninspiring until a beautiful, colorful flower bouquet sitting on the front counter, literally commanded my attention!  Someone had crafted it and worked with their hands to arrange it and deliver a thing of joy, in an otherwise drab setting.  When I stumble upon a simple eye-catching moment, my camera magically appears. Yes, it goes with me everywhere I am.
When deciding what it is I want to create next, I ask myself what I can do to transform a simple photo into an even more enticing image. Simple beauty, such as this flower bouquet, requires an elegant response, so it was transformed into a digitally altered masterpiece.  Can you just imagine it's alluring perfume as it wafts through the air?