The Stories Behind My Photos

Behind every photographic image is a story to be told.  In my experience, when I've viewed or shopped for photos, it's richness and depth are felt more deeply when I've learned the history behind it's creation.  So, I'm offering up their "stories" here.  I hope you find them interesting!
Shop  for "The Color of Sunshine"


  Where do I begin with this story? This one holds very special significance for me.  In the fall of 2016, I was visiting my dear uncle in the hospital and unbeknownst to me at the time, it would be the last place I would ever get to sit and hold his hand.  These beautiful leaves were piled up in the landscaping of the hospital parking lot, and I couldn't help but notice them as I took a break for lunch. The clouds parted and the sun shone down on these leaves as if to say, all is well; this sadness too shall pass. No moment such as this can be experienced without me feeling an intense desire to record it, so that I can remember it forever.




      Shop  for "Depot Bay Bridge in Oregon B/W"


Depot Bay is a fishing town in the state of Oregon. If you blink a few times, you'd pass by without hardly noticing, other than the regular tourists and gift shops that are lined up on these few blocks on Hwy 101.  It houses the smallest harbor in the world.  Below this bridge has a very narrow, rocky entry way in a protected harbor.  Fishermen navigate the treacherous bay/ocean waters every day. 

Another beautiful event that occurs in this place each year are crowds of whale watchers, eager to catch a glimpse of the whales as they pay their regular visit at this special, tiny harbor.  Depot Bay is a beautiful and fascinating place, indeed.




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I'm especially fond of fall time. The air is cool, crisp, and clean. The colors are bright, and oh so vibrant.  There is a park that I visit often, and within it is a beautiful Japanese garden.  Once you cross over a foot bridge, it's a feast for your senses just waiting there for you to gaze at it in all its glory. The full spectrum of yellows and oranges captured my attention with this image. I believe I was able to take this photo at the very height of its glory!




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 Fall leaves and touches of snow decorate this valley in Colorado, as one season turns into the next. The world may swirl around with its noise and chaos, but in this place, there is only room for peace and reflection. Places like this exist to remind us that nature's simple but intricate beauty, wants only to gift us with life's simple pleasures.



   Shop for "Cute as a Button"



Every summer I visit my favorite garden. It's full of life, color, and bumble bee's basking in the joy of gathering sweet nectar from a variety of flowers.  This particular vivid blue and delicate Bachelor Button caught my eye one day, and I'm so happy I memorialized it forever in this photo.